Park West Michigan Art Gallery

Park West Michigan Art Gallery

Making a visit to the Park West Michigan art gallery is one of the many opportunities that customers can take if interested in art collecting with Park West Gallery. Currently, Park West Gallery has connected over 1.8 million customers to fine art collections through cruise ship art auctions, art auctions in major metropolitan areas and via public art galleries in Michigan and Florida.

No matter how you wish to start art collecting through Park West Gallery, the company is passionate about creating an educational, entertaining and welcoming experience for all collectors.

The Park West Michigan art gallery is home to 23 galleries that contain countless pieces of artwork from the gallery’s archives. Some of the artwork has been archived for years before being available for public collections, due to Park West Gallery’s highly developed process of collecting.

The majority of artwork that is available for collection at the Michigan art gallery comes directly from the artists themselves, some of which use Park West Gallery as their exclusive art dealer. The archives of artwork collections produced by deceased artists are acquired directly from the artist’s estate or obtained through recognized international auction companies.

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