Park West Gallery New York Times

The Park West Gallery New York Times article, “The Power of Paint,” by T Brand Studio covers how Park West Gallery artists explore how science is changing the way students in schools think about art. Through the Turnaround Arts program, more than 49 schools nationwide have been partnered up with a high-profiled artist, musician or entertainer to work directly with students in an effort to inspire and drive creativity.

Through The Turnaround Arts program, Park West Gallery artist Autumn de Forest traveled to Barton Elementary school in San Bernadino, California, where she was able to led an art class for students to teach them how to paint self portraits on canvas. Autumn, a 14-year old painter from Las Vegas, has been referred to as a “prodigy” and “genius” by those in the art industry. The day was made possible by Park West Gallery, a Michigan-based art gallery, that has been a longtime advocate of arts education.

These types of programs that expose kids to the arts at a young age have helped some of today’s popular artists, like Park West Gallery artist Romero Britto, known around the globe for his eye-popping pop art paintings, find their passion. Today, Britto gives back to the community through a partnership with the Best Buddies Foundation, supported by Park West Gallery.

The Park West Gallery New York Times Article by T Brand Studio also spotlights Jamaican painter Guy Harvey, who shares his ideas on the significance of arts education. Harvey fights to conserve the natural world through his Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, which receives support from the Park West Gallery Foundation.

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