Park West Gallery Miami Lakes

Park West Gallery Miami Lakes

For those looking to appreciate, learn more or are interested in collecting quality artwork, the Park West Gallery Miami Lakes and Detroit locations serve as public art galleries. While visiting either of these art galleries, patrons can get a taste of the Park West Gallery experience.

The entertaining, educational and welcoming environment are just part of the Park West Gallery experience. Whether you’re just starting to think about collecting or a seasoned collector looking to expand your catalog, Park West Gallery offers an experience that ignites a passion for the arts and is unrivaled elsewhere in the art world.

Through Park West Gallery more than 1.8 million fine art collectors have been connected to quality artwork by attending cruise ship art auctions, live art auctions in major metropolitan areas, and via the Detroit and Miami Lakes gallery locations.

The Park West Gallery Miami Lakes location serves as the distribution center for Park West Galley’s cruise ship and land-based art auctions. Additional executive offices, and a newly constructed public art gallery also are part of the Miami Lakes location. The Miami Lakes facility is also dedicated to custom framing, worldwide shipping, art transport and distribution of materials.

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