Park West Gallery Florida

Park West Gallery Florida

With the Park West Gallery Florida and Detroit gallery locations, live art auctions in major metropolitan cities and cruise ship art auctions, Park West Gallery has been able to connect more than 1.8 million customers across the globe to fine art.

With an extensive network of artists, publishers and representatives, Park West Gallery is able to offer for collection a large variety of artwork from both living and deceased artists. A vast majority of the Park West Gallery collection comes directly from the living artists, most of which use Park West Gallery as their exclusive art dealer.

Since the company’s founding, Park West Gallery has managed to continue its mission of creating an entertaining, educational and welcoming environment for art collectors of all ages. The Park West Gallery experience is one that ignites a passion for the arts and offers an incomparable collecting art collecting experience.

The Park West Gallery Florida facility is located in Miami Lakes, Florida. The Florida facility serves as Park West Gallery’s distribution center, servicing the company’s cruise ship and land-based art auctions. This location is also dedicated to custom framing, shipping worldwide, art transport and distribution of materials. Additional executive offices, and a newly constructed public art gallery also help make up the 181,000 square foot Park West Gallery Florida facility.

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