Art Auctions Abroad Park West Gallery

Art Auctions Abroad Park West Gallery

Through art auctions abroad Park West Gallery has been able to reach a variety of customers across the world, allowing fine art collectors to find the artwork they are searching for while onboard over 100 luxury cruise ships.

Park West Gallery hosts thousands of cruise ship art auctions around the world every year. With cruise ship art auctions, art auctions in major metropolitan areas, and via the Michigan and Florida art galleries, Park West Gallery has connected more 1.8 million customers to fine works of art for collection.

Currently, the company provides art programs onboard Azamera, Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess, P&O, and Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Through art auctions abroad Park West Gallery has built strong relationships with major cruise lines and prominent artists, making Park West Gallery one of the most innovative and successful fine art collection companies in the world.

For all art lovers that collect their artwork from Park West Gallery, whether abroad, at an event or gallery location, the company’s mission is to create an entertaining, educational and welcoming environment that ignites a passion for the arts and offers an incomparable collecting experience. It’s the Park West Gallery experience that makes the company stand apart from others in the art industry.

To learn more about art auctions abroad Park West Gallery or works of art available for collection, please contact us today!